Wyatt Jenkins Product Jazz: 6 ways to foster creative product teams


I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with teams that built great products at Shutterstock the last few years (previously Beatport and the team at Native Instruments as well.) The word “great” can be a little ambiguous, let’s refer to products that have disruptive attributes -…

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SUBMISSION: “What it Really Takes to Make a Photograph,” by David Evan Todd.


Still Broken (by wbsloan)

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Eight-Layer Hills in Norikura (by brendan.paull)

"Would you rather have a successful product or be able to predict the exact day on which you deploy a failure?"

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OBX 2011

Everything’s Bigger in Texas – Pictory

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Local Flavor – Pictory

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New York City – Pictory

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In Deep – Pictory

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